Bambi The Jindo Dog

21st August 2009

bambi the jindo dog breed
This is Bambi, the 6 year old female Jindo dog breed from Clarksville, Maryland. Pic was submitted by Esther.

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5 Comments to “Bambi The Jindo Dog”

  • She’s smiling! =D


  • its a vampire!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm sorry to say, but Jindos don't have grey nor blue eyes. Their natural eye colors only consists of brown and black. This one must be a shiba inu. It almost looks like a jindo, but their differences are personality, height, and eye sight colors.

  • @anna – she was bred with two pure bred jindo dogs but her eye color came out blue. You can't tell from this picture but one of her eyes are half blue and half brown. We think it might be some kind of eye discoloration/ albinism. 

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