FatFat the Pitbull Mix

18th July 2013

This is FatFat, a 2-year-old male Pitbull and Boxer mix from Delaware. Fatfat’s “brother”, Jake, an Akita-Lab mix, has Epilepsy, and Fatfat “tells” me a few seconds before Jake has a seizure by walking around him in circles whining. He stays with us through the whole thing, then afterwards, he stays right with Jake for the rest of the day. Fatfat is an amazing pup, and me and Jake are very happy he came into our lives. Photo sent by Susan. 

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2 Comments to “FatFat the Pitbull Mix”

  • Yayyyy Fats here now, thank yall for adding him! :)

  • absolutely one of the funniest characters around   :)

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