Roxsi the Pitbull Mix

26th February 2013

This is Roxsi, a 2-year-old Pitbull and Labrador Retriever mix from Kenosha, WI. My boyfriend and I were walking through our complex one afternoon when a very beautiful well behaved dog came running up to us. As we were petting her the owner walked up to greet us. We started making smalltalk and my boyfriend blurted out "I've been wanting a big dog. She's beautiful." To which the stranger replied "Would you like to keep her?" Keep her?! We were stunned. We came to find out that he was taking Roxsi back to the kill shelter where he had found her. He was having back surgery in days and could no longer walk her… Needless to say we took her home. I'm happy to say we have had Roxsi for almost a year now. Apart from the pillow stealing and midnight kisses she has happily befriended our small dog and fits perfectly into our lives. We never saw our neighbor again. Photo sent by Jessica Scudder.

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