Eva the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

2nd February 2013

This is Eva, a 4-year-old female Pembroke Welsh Corgi from North Hollywood, CA. This is my baby girl Eva. She just joined our family 3 months ago and has cracked us up every single day since. Eva is a very high spirited, energetic, loving dog with a lot of spunk…until she gets on her back! She's always flipping over, exposing her belly to the next poor sap that she'll inevitably convince to scratch her tumtum (for a few good minutes!). No, really, it happens all the time when we take her out! She can stay on her back for what feels like hours and is apathetic to any repositioning or body modification you may perform on her. Eva only looks like a vicious killer because she let us do this to her! = Photo sent by Susan.

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