This is Dudley Ripper, a 15-month-old male Australasian Bosdog (Australian Bulldog) from ACT Australia. This is actually how he sleeps /snores / pretends to sleep when you want him to do something!! A 15 month old placid & loving (but flatulent) bulldog with some rather obsessive issues.  Not only has he cost his owners $10k this year in Cruciate ligament surgery, but endless & ongoing costs to replace RIGHT shoes (as we all know you can’t just buy one shoe!!). Apparently the left shoe is less desirable in the canine world and to date there are 6 right shoes that have gone to the shoe shop in the sky-  along with 4 dog beds, a plastic swimming pool , ceramic pots & sculptures. It’s fair to say the backyard is a baron wasteland void of all human input, we call it Dudley world! Photo sent by Matt.

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