Sadie the Doberman Pinscher

19th January 2013

This is Sadie, a 5-year-old female Doberman Pinscher from Milton Ont. Canada. Our Doberman Sadie loves her sexy pose laying upside down and getting her belly rubbed if you stop she will nudge you for more she is a happy dog and it looks like she smiles at you especially just before she wants to play , her favorite game is " Sock – o – war " where we try to hold on to a old sock and shake and pull. this is a daily game reading up about this …its their way of bonding. Photo sent by Peter.

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3 Comments to “Sadie the Doberman Pinscher”

  • What a gorgeous little girl! Clearly the sexiest doby pic here hehe.i bet my Hansy Man would love her!

  • She's so beautiful!  Reminds my of my girl from years ago.  To happy and full of life!

  • I have look at 100's of Upside Down Dog photos, and Sadie is by far my favorite!!!

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