This is Crimson N'Blue Wyman, a 4-year-old female English Mastiff from Larned, KS. Crimson was a very shy girl when I got her a year ago from a rescue group.  She has blossomed into a funny lil character and she makes me laugh at least once a day.  She has to be next to me all the time.  She cuddles at night in my bed and when I'm on the computer (like right now), she has her head on my feet!  She is in a family now that has 3 other dogs (Tiny is another Mastiff, Patches is a Bernese Mountain Dog and Whoopi is a Beagle/Chow mix).  She would rather be in my car with a Sonic ice cream cone in her face than anything else on the planet!  When we go to Sonic with Tiny, we are very well known and she gets a ton of attention-she's my SUPERSTAR! Photo sent by Jennifer.

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