Big Joe The American Mastiff

13th October 2015

Big Joe The American Mastiff

This is Big Joe, the X year/month old male American Mastiff dog from Bathway Beach, Grenada, West Indies. This is Big Joe – we adopted him from the GSPCA when we emigrated to Grenada, in the West Indies.  Joe was about 3 days from death having been abandoned on the street and was not able to scavenge for himself.  We think he was a loved house dog and his owner died, as he is a perfect gentleman & a pretty fancy breed for an island of "pothounds" (pot luck, you see!) and "pompeks" (Pomeranian/pekinese crosses – anything small and very fluffy) . I've included two small shots of what Joe looked like at rescue – depressed, chopped up with a cutlass and starving (note the missing front teeth from scavenging) – he is now 93 pounds and happily spoilt rotten at our beach-front villa rental resort where he loves greeting guests – quite a difference from his life as a street dog! Photo sent by Kitty.

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